Silver and Gold Bracelets

Silver and Gold Bracelets. Pizzi Gioielli manufactures bracelets for women and men in 925 Sterling Silver and 18k gold made with craftsmanship and using modern technologies at our offices in the province of Vicenza. Finished, polished or engraved by hand using skilful manufacturing processes, creating precious bracelets with rhodium finish or gold colors in the various versions, minimal jewels or jewels with important shapes rich in history and manufacturing experience sophisticated creations that enrich the woman or man who do not let go unnoticed. Important and never banal shapes full of details and details to ensure that people can see and buy in our online shop.

Silver Bracelets

Pizzi Gioielli produces 925 Sterling Silver bracelets for women with T-shaped, carabiner or without clasps with rhodium or gold finish. There are elasticated bracelets in the catalog so that they can be comfortably worn available with polished or engraved finish and rhodium treatment. Men's chain bracelets with elements that enrich with particularities from the rhodium, ruthenium or mixed finish of the two colors.

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