Silver and Gold Necklaces 

Silver and Gold Necklaces . Pizzi Gioielli manufactures women's necklaces in 925 Sterling Silver and 18k gold made with craftsmanship and using modern technology at our premises in the province of Vicenza. Finished, polished or engraved by hand using skilful manufacturing processes, they create precious necklaces with a rhodium-plated finish or gold colouring in the various versions, minimal jewellery, or jewellery with important shapes rich in history and manufacturing experience, sophisticated creations that enrich women who do not want to go unnoticed. Important and never banal shapes rich in details and particulars for people to see and buy in our online shop. 

Silver necklaces

Discover in our shop a wide range of 925 sterling silver necklaces with galvanic rhodium plating or ruthenium treatments made with passion and attention to detail to create a jewel with sophisticated shapes or a minimal jewel. Necklaces Tracce collection of fanciful classic chains beaten entirely by hand where each ring has its own singularity, or Metropolitan a series of necklaces for a woman who loves to adorn herself with these precious and special long necklaces with particular inserts in various shapes, with a polished finish or engraved finish enhancing the necklace of true craftsmanship made in Italy. Animals silver necklaces of precious pendants with silk necklace created for animal lovers looking for a minimal jewel for every day.

Necklaces Gold

Pizzi Gioielli produces 18k gold necklaces available in various colours of gold. Animal necklaces made in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, available with silk cable and gold clasp or 18k gold chain. Necklaces with 18k gold initial available in yellow, white and pink gold versions with silk cable or 18k gold chain. Necklaces with 18k gold butterfly or flower available with silk cable or gold chain in the various colours of gold enriched with gold inserts with matt or diamond finish.

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