How to order on

You do not need to register to buy on Anyway, we suggest you create a profile to access the exclusive areas and services dedicated to our customers.

Item search 

To easily browse our catalogue, select a category from the navigation menu or browse our selections on the initial page. To find more specific items use our filters or click on “search in the site”.

Information on products

On the page dedicated to the product you will find a list of all the available sizes, a description and the composition of the item. Click on the image of the product to enlarge it and see all the product details.

How to order

    • Select the desired size of the product from the dedicated page (when necessary)

    • Add the product to the cart with the button "Add to cart"

    • When you have finished to shop, click on the cart icon 

    • Make sure that all the desired articles are in the cart, then click on "Proceed with the checkout"

    • Enter/select the shipping address and the invoice address

    • Select the method of payment and enter the necessary details

    • Check the type of shipping

    • Make sure that all the information entered are correct. Then click on “send the order”.

A confirmation email containing the details of the order will be shortly sent to you. From this time on our warehouse will deal with everything: as soon as the order has been sent you will receive a notification email.

Is it safe to order on

We ensure you that ordering on is safe. Pizzi Gioielli has your privacy close to its hearth. Your personal data shall be processed in respect of our Privacy Policy and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

Are there shipping notifications?

As soon as your order is sent, we shall enter your email address in the tracking code in the UPS portal: you will be automatically sent notifications about the shipping status of your order. 

Order placed:

Our system has begun to process the order

Order in progress:

The order has been confirmed and a confirmation email has been sent with the order number 

Order sent:

As soon as the order is sent by our warehouse, you will be sent a confirmation email containing the tracking number. It enables you to track the progress of the shipment at any time.

Order returned:

The order has been returned to you and the procedure has been properly carried out

Order cancelled:

The order has been cancelled. You will receive an automatic email informing you about the cancellation of your order.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within the first two hours after your payment: write an e-mail to info@pizzigioielli. it specifying the order number and the reason for cancellation.

Can I modify my order?

You can modify your order sending an email to quoting the order number. In case of differences in the cost, the order will be cancelled and refunded. You can place a new order.

Which methods of payment are accepted by

Pizzi Gioielli accept these methods of payment:

Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Visa Electron, enabled debit cards Maestro. The total amount will be charged on the card at the moment of the order shipping.

PayPal: to comfortably buy online without entering your credit card data. The cost will be charged upon completion of the order. To register a PayPal account, visit the web site

Bank transfer: you shall make a payment through bank transfer and the order will be sent after payment has been received.

Is it safe to pay on

Every purchase on occurs in the utmost safety thanks to a secure online payment gateway that encrypts the details of the card in a safe hosting environment.

To protect your purchases by credit card you will be always asked to enter your CVV code for each order. Before approving the transaction our Payment office may conduct anti-fraud checks for greater protection  and may contact you for further details before confirming the order.

Why am I not able to complete my order?

Make sure you have given all the information on the method of payment chosen. If you have opted for the credit card, you should contact your bank. If the problem persists, check that you have followed all the instructions your bank has given to you.

Why has my order been cancelled?

There might be more than one reason why an order is cancelled. A product may no longer be available or there may be a mistake in the shipping address or in the invoice address. In most cases an order is cancelled due to unavailability of a product at the moment of the order execution. If your order is cancelled, you will receive a refund on your current account.

Is it possible to use more than one method of payment for a single order?

At the moment we only accept one method of payment for each order.


Which shipping options are available?

It is possible to choose the shipment shown for the countries where the service is available.

Please note that the delivery time starts from the moment when the order is shipped, not when the order is placed.

After the parcel has left our warehouse, the customer will be sent an email message with the tracking number.

Our courier makes deliveries from Monday to Friday during business hours. The day before the delivery you will receive a notification by e-mail or SMS showing a delivery window. If you cannot be at home on the day of delivery, you can simply address the parcel to the nearest UPS Access Point and collect it within 5 work days.

All the orders are automatically processed. In no way may the times of shipping and delivery be modified upon request.

Can I send my order to a country not corresponding to the country where I have completed the order?

The delivery of the order must occur in the same country where the order was placed. The orders placed in a country not coinciding with the delivery address are automatically cancelled. Please select the correct country from the link in the footer of every page.

Can my delivery address be different from the invoice address?

The invoice address may be different from the delivery address, but both addresses must be in the same country. Moreover, both the delivery address and the invoice address must be in the same country where the order is placed.

Can I choose a delivery date/time?

Unfortunately you can not choose a specific date or time.

Is a signature required when the order is delivered to me?

Yes, at the very moment when the products are handed over by the courier, the recipient, i.e. the customer or the person named by him/her, must show an identity document and sign the delivery note.

Can I modify the shipment address after my order has been confirmed?

We are sorry, but after the order has been confirmed, it is automatically processed and the delivery address cannot be modified.


Can I modify my order?

We are sorry, but after the order has been confirmed or delivered, it cannot be modified. Anyway, the parcel can be returned to us. For instructions see our return policy.

Somebody has given me a Pizzi Gioielli jewel as a present, but it is the wrong size. Can I exchange it?

We are sorry, but after the order has been confirmed or delivered, it cannot be exchanged. Anyway, the parcel can be returned to us. For instructions see our return policy.

Which is the return policy of Pizzi Gioielli?

The products purchased must be returned within fourteen day (14) from the delivery date to receive  a refund of the purchase price. 

The Products must be returned in their original state, unalterated, unused, intact, in their original package, with their original labels and tags applied together with all the relevant accessories and pertaining documents (ex., instruction booklet, certificates of the Product and so on) and in the intact packaging.

If you decide to return the order, follow the instructions to complete the return procedure without further expenses and receive the complete refund.

Fill in the refund form included in the original packaging of the order, specify the products, the quantity and the reason why you want to return the products listed.

Put the return form and the products you want to return into the original packaging or into a box with similar dimensions. Apply the courier’s prepaid return label on the parcel and pack it safely for dispatch. Be sure that the label is perfectly visible on the parcel and that the return address and the bar code are not covered.

Bring the parcel to the nearest UPS Access Point or contact UPS to schedule a pickup at your house.

To find the nearest UPS Access Point, click on

To schedule a UPS pickup, visit the web page

When the parcel reaches our warehouse, you will be sent a notification email. We will make sure that the parcel meets all the conditions and requirements for being returned and we will check the quality of the product as well. If the Product is considered acceptable/ complying with our conditions and requirements, we will proceed with the complete refund. After the refund has been processed, the customer will receive the notification of the credit note per email.

Exclusively for the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Mexico, Japan, San Marino and the Holy See: carefully enclose two copies of the commercial invoice in the parcel. Bring a third copy to the access point or give it to the courier in case of product recall.

If you lose the label for the product return, contact our Customer Care. See the contacts available in the section “contact us” in the web site.

How long do I have to wait before I receive my refund?

We will refund all the amounts paid by the customer within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the return. The receipt of the refund may vary depending on your credit institution.

I have lost the label for the return. How can I have another label?

We invite you to contact our Customer Service, filling in the Contact form.

Are the shipping charges refundable?

No, the shipping charges are not included in case of returned goods.

How can I apply for a VAT refund?

Please note that the purchase must be exclusively done for personal non-commercial use and that the goods must leave the European Union in your  personal suitcase no longer than 3 months after the purchase. SDSA gives the possibility to receive a VAT  refund to the customers who live outside the European Union, if the order exceeds 125€.

To receive a refund, while leaving the EU you have to give the customs officer the evidence of your living outside the EU (i.e. passport, identity card), the goods purchased and the relevant invoice.

If all requirements are met, the customs officer will apply a stamp on your invoice to certify that the product will be exported from the European Union.

Your refund application must be sent by ordinary mail together with the stamped invoice to the following address:

To the attention of: Le Spighe S.A.S. di Pizzini Giovanni Battista & C.

Via del Motto, 9

36071 Arzignano (VI)


As soon as we have checked the date and the documents provided, we shall start the procedure for the VAT refund with the method of payment used when the order was placed.


How are Pizzi jewels manufactured?

Pizzi collection is wide not only for the types of jewels but also for the range of materials proposed. Pizzi Gioielli makes jewels in 18 k gold and 925 sterling silver in the various shades displayed in the site.

The alloys used for gold have a 750/1000 title, those used for silver have a 925/1000 title.

Some jewels are enriched with varnish or opaque finishes.

Why are the surface finishes of my jewel worn out?

Some Pizzi Gioielli jewels have a surface finish.

Surface treatments, like rhodium plating and sandblasting, and time may possibly alter the original esthetics of a jewel, thus displaying the natural surface of the metal.

To longer preserve the surface treatments of a jewel, do not wear out the parts subject to treatment and do not use common cloths, polishing cloths or other products to clean it.

We never recommend the contact with external agents, like cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, detergents, chlorine or chlorate water, the prolonged exposure to the sun, the proximity to heat sources and sudden changes in temperature that may attack the finish.

The worn finishes may be restored only by a professional.

The result depends on the specific type of treatment and by the general state of the jewel to be restored.

What shall I do if I would like to buy an article that is not available online on

Simply send an e-mail to quoting the article code. You will be replied as soon as possible.

Pizzi Gioielli gold

Pizzi Gioielli gold is made by using only 100% responsible gold extracted from certificated mines that comply with international regulations on transparency and traceability of raw materials (RJC certification). Gold from the production chains involved with important projects for the improvement of environmental sustainability is also used.


How to take care of PIZZI Gioielli jewels

Pizzi jewels are designed to be worn every day, in all occasions. They do not require extraordinary maintenance, especially if handled and cleaned with delicacy. Being precious jewels, it is advisable to take particular care of them.

Both silver and gold jewels may possibly lose their brilliancy with time and use. The natural phenomenon of matting, which is due to oxidation, is typical of all the products in precious alloys and may be eliminated with a professional cleaning in case of advanced stage of oxidation. We discourage any kind of do-it-yourself, in particular for precious stones, diamonds, enamel or skin. Also the restoration of surface finishes, like rhodium plating or bluing, needs the intervention of a professional. A good habit for the preservation of the brilliancy of Pizzi jewels is to keep them in a clean and dry place, far from heat sources.

My jewel has come into contact with mercury. What shall I do?

The damage caused by mercury, for ex. when a mercury thermometer suddenly breaks, is the most serious damage for a jewel. In most cases the damage is irreversible since mercury forms an amalgam with gold and the jewel is often no longer repairable. To restore the original state of the object you must start with mercury elimination. This elimination can only be effected through a high temperature process, which is particularly toxic, since mercury vapours are extremely poisonous. At the end of the treatment the jewel surface is very porous and it can hardly be restored to the original aspect. The colour of the alloy therefore appears to be different from the initial colour because it is very difficult to thoroughly remove mercury.

Are cords and bracelets made of fabrics to be treated in a particular way?

Pizzi Gioielli cords are made of silk.

That’s why you must avoid the contact with agents, like water, thermal waters, soap, cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, chlorine and other similar substances that may fade the colours or damage the fabrics, thus impairing the integrity of the item. The fabrics must not be subjected to excessive stresses or tractions that may cause their break.


Who shall I contact for assistance? What are the opening times of the customer care?

To ask for assistance, you can simply write an email to Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 CET to 17:00 CET.

Can the defected product be replaced within the guarantee period?

If you see that the product we sold you through the web site has a manufacturing defect or is different from the description, excluding any non-compliance with the Confirmation/Acceptance of the order and any compliance defects that should have been identified and indicated at the moment of delivery, immediately contact our Customer Service by sending an email to, where you quote the number of the order and explain the type of problem.

I have received a wrong or defective product. What shall I do?

Damaged articles can be returned in the ways specified in our Return Policy.

My jewel is broken and is no longer under guarantee. What should I do?

Pizzi jewels under warranty can be changed only within 6 months from the purchase date if the manufacturing defects are detected and ascertained by our Quality Control team.

I received my jewel, but it is broken/damaged. What can I do?

The damaged items can be returned as indicated in our Return Policy.

Can my jewel be repaired?

Pizzi offers a wide range of aftersales assistance with some restrictions. You can ask for assistance by sending an email to and you will be replied as soon as possible.