The story of the Pizzini brothers began in 1985 when with the help of his family, Denis decided to create a small artisan workshop, where he could express his ideas by shaping precious materials into unique creations, his jewels. 


To meet the needs of the sector, Denis and his family have created necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches for distributors and wholesalers in the sector, without having their own brand.


Almost ten years later, Denis realized that he had to renew his production system, so he decided to invest his forces in research and development, specializing in the creation of jewelry in electroforming, a technology that ensured unimaginable workmanship until then with known techniques.


After few years the production choices began to bear fruit, so they decided to expand the small artisan workshop, moving part of the production to the new company in Trissino – Vicenza.


Thanks to the support and trust of his family, Denis chose to identify himself, to name his own achievements. This is how the PIZZI Gioielli brand was born, a combination of design and technology, reached after years of experience and awareness.


PIZZI Gioielli today is a symbol of craftsmanship, identifying itself for the captivating and innovative artifacts and lines.

PIZZI Gioielli - Jewelers